ON THE JOB: 10 Essential Tips for Using Social Media to Help Your Career, Not Hurt It

Social media is a great way to connect with friends, family, and even potential employers. There are even social media sites that are specifically designed for working professionals who are interested in networking and looking for employment. While social media can be instrumental in procuring a job, it can also prevent individuals from gaining employment. Companies often peruse applicants social media accounts to get a better understanding of who they are potentially hiring. If there are posts that are not congruent with their ideals and values as a company there is a high chance that the individual will not be hired. How can job seekers assure that their social media accounts are not hindering their job search experience? Kate Ashford of TheMuse gives 10 tips that we can all take advantage of to make sure that social media is helping and not hindering the job search. To view this article, click here!