RESOURCES FOR EDUCATION: Is Online Learning Right for You?

Online learning can be a positive experience, allowing you to work at home at your own pace. Minnesota State Colleges and Universities provides a distance learning quiz to help you determine if online learning would work for you and suggests considering the following if you are thinking about pursuing your education online:

  1. Do you have a computer with a strong internet connection? You will sometimes need to take exams online, and if your connection is slow or cuts out, you may lose your exam.
  2. Do you have basic computer and internet skills? If not, consider taking computer classes prior to pursuing your education online.
  3. In many cases, online courses are “accelerated”, meaning, in order to fit everything into the course, you will need to keep up with the faster pace. In addition, if you are not getting your information from lectures, you will have many more reading assignments.
  4. You need to devote your time to the courses in order to make it work: sometimes even more time than if you were doing homework and enrolled on campus.
  5. Do you have adequate writing skills? All of your communication will be done in writing, so it’s important that you can communicate clearly.
  6. Keep in mind, you may save money by taking courses online. Do your research.
  7. Do you have a busy schedule or a schedule that is erratic? Online courses may suit you since you may need to access those classes at different times when you are able.

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