ON THE JOB: 50 Ways to Improve Productivity

There’s not a person who couldn’t benefit from increasing their productivity. In this lifehack.org article, KimRoach offers 50 different ways to improve productivity. If you find the ten listed below helpful, you can view all 50 by clicking here.

1. Take a break. Short highly productive bursts can be very effective.
2. Set a timer for each of your tasks, and if you do not finish, move on to the next one. You’ll make more progress on all projects in a shorter amount of time.
3. Eliminate distractions. Turn off phone, email notifications. Make sure your computer is not over cluttered and that you do not have too many windows open at once.
4. Music can often help with productivity, especially classical.
5. Think about whether or not you’re happy with hat you do. If you love your work, you’ll be much more productive completing your tasks.
6. Tackle the hardest or least favorite task first.
7. Use programs like “JDarkRoom” to eliminate all distractions.
8. Don’t procrastinate, just dive right in.
9. Find out what time is your most productive time of day and work within that time.
10. Keep a notebook or journal on you at all times, and create lists.