THE APPLICATION PROCESS: How to Dress for Success

U.S. News gives a great breakdown of the way to dress for success. For an in-depth look into these tips, click here.

1. Be understated: tone down nail polish, make up, piercings, and over-stylized clothing. Assume the company is conservative.

2. Once employed, dress like the rest: What are people wearing? If the company style is casual, then you don’t want to overdress, but definitely dressing better than the culture demands can make you look polished and prepared.

3. Colors are important to keep in mind. Just like body language, color affects first impressions. For example, softer colors for social services positions and dark blue for management positions.

4. Stay up to date with fashion trends: you’ll want to look like you care about your appearance.

5. Stay self-aware: do not do anything that you yourself would perceive as too casual or disrespectful.