THE APPLICATION PROCESS: What Not to Do at an Interview

There are many articles and many tips about what to do during an interview to ensure your chances of landing a job: but what about what you should NOT do during an interview?

In this Forbes article, Michael Deane provides seven tips for what not to do during an interview.

1. Do not show up tardy or come looking unprepared. This may seem like a no brainer, but tardiness is very common in the work place, and something that employers frown upon. Showing up late to an interview will not instill confidence in your employer that you will be a prompt and punctual employee.

2. Do not leave your cellphone on. There is nothing more disruptive (and more common) in this day and age than a phone ringing during an interview. This is a pet peeve of many employers, so you definitely don’t want to start off your interview with your cellphone interrupting your first impression.

3. Do not show up unprepared. Taking even just a little time to mentally prepare yourself can make or break your interview. You must research the job and company to which you are applying, and be knowledgeable of the company’s basics and mission statement. Be prepared to answer common interview questions such as: What is your skill set? Why should I hire you? What is your weakness?Practice in front of the mirror or with a friend if that helps.

4. Show up prepared with all of the materials you may need: your resume, references, notebook, pen, etc. Look like you thought through every aspect of your interview because it will show the employer what an organized and productive employee you are likely to be!

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