ON THE JOB: How to Be a Good Employee

Once you land the job, it’s important to keep the job. WikiHow.com  provides a great step by step break down of “How to Be a Good Employee”.

Here are the steps below:

  1.     Behave professionally.
  2.     Learn how to accept criticism.
  3.     Learn your job, and do it well.
  4.     Remember that for success, you must build relationships with your peers.
  5.     Take on any new experiences, trainings, activities, conferences, etc.
  6.     Keep your job record clean of unprofessional behavior.
  7.     Maintain timeliness.
  8.     Know the expectations.
  9.     Always work on solutions, and never focus on the negative.
  10.     Do not procrastinate.
  11.     Do not gossip.
  12.     Focus on productivity.
  13.     Dress for success.

To learn about these steps in detail, more steps, and please click here.