PURSUING CAREER PATHWAYS: 5 Reasons for a Career Change

Sometimes the career we are currently working in isn’t the right fit. At career website themuse.com, Michael Peggs identifies five key reasons for considering a career change:

1. You “Fell” into your current job
Many people obtain their job through networking. Sometimes a job is just a job: you need it to pay bills and get by, but maybe there is something else out there for you that will leave you fulfilled.

2. You’ve changed, and have new interests
We all change constantly, and evolve daily. Who you were when you first got into your career may be miles from who you are now. It’s good to readdress your interests and goals and reexamine job opportunities.

3. The Job Outlook in your current field is worsening.
It may be a job you enjoy, but if you can’t advance in your career, it may be time to find a new one.

4. You’ve developed interest in a field with positive job outlook.
If you have interest in a new evolving field, you may want to change careers and advance on an up and coming opportunity.

5. Your career doesn’t fit with your core values.
a. Sometimes our jobs don’t leave us feeling the way we would like to feel, or being the people we want to be. Find a new position that will lead you down a better path.

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