ON THE JOB: How to Get a Raise

One of the hardest parts of having a job is asking for a raise. Most people either wait patiently for their bosses to magically recognize their value or make aggressive demands. However, neither approach is likely to be successful. Career coach and author Marie G. McIntyre shares ten suggestions that are far more likely to get you the pay increase you want and deserve:

1. Know the worth of your job.
2. Research your company’s pay practices.
3. Be realistic.
4. Remember that confidence counts!
5. Focus on selling, not begging.
6. Don’t wait for your performance review.
7.Choose your timing wisely.
8. Consider your boss’s personality.
9. Just do it!
10. If you get turned down, don’t stop there.

To learn more about using these suggestions to get a raise, you can read the entire article on CNBC.com here.