Meaningful work is one of the most important wellness components for those on a path to recovery from mental illness. Everyone needs to be productive and to be a part of the community in order to achieve wellbeing.

Reintegration.com has provided 10 Important Ideas for Finding and Maintaining Meaningful Employment:

  1. Just Try! Taking risks breeds the best rewards.
  2. Find and work with a “Rehabilitation Partner” who will work with you to reintegrate you back into a work environment.
  3. Improve your skill set: consider volunteer opportunities in order to advance your skills and give you more training. Consider educational opportunities.
  4. Focus on your health, keep steady, well and take care of both your mind and your body.
  5. Work on our work habits: whether it is in a current position, volunteer work, or working through a Clubhouse or other program, work on your habits, and make good habits.
  6. Never give up on yourself, and keep looking toward your goal. Don’t let losing your benefits scare you out of obtaining a job… you can have a meaningful job and still keep your benefits.
  7. Keep trying and learn from your mistakes and failures. Everything is an educational opportunity.
  8. Build trust: trust others who want to help you, and help your employers/helpers learn to trust you.
  9. “Take It One Step at a Time”.
  10. Recognize – and Celebrate – Your Successes – Cherish every victory, no matter how small, on your road to recovery and reintegration.

For more details and tips for finding meaningful work, click here.