STIGMA & INCLUSION: Myths & Facts about Mental Illness

The National Center on Workforce Disability’s article, Myths and Facts about Mental Illness, addresses major myths about mental illness, who can work, securing employment, and employer issues. For example:

MYTH: If person with mental illness gets a job and it does not work out, it means that that person is less likely to succeed in another job.
FACT: Different job situations, even the same job titles with different employers, have both similarities and differences. When a person with a mental illness loses a job, that person should not be precluded from seeking another job right away. The fact that the person was successful in becoming employed should be celebrated. At the same time, help the person understand what went awry and how it can be avoided in the future. The loss of a job can be a learning experience. Focus on what the individual learned about his/her strengths and abilities, and then use this knowledge to find a better job!
You can read all the myths here.