THE APPLICATION PROCESS: Your Turn – “What Is Your Biggest Weakness?”

In each job interview, you will inevitably be asked “What is your biggest weakness?” So Career Corner asked a variety of individuals from a variety of different walks of life this question:

“During an interview, how did you respond to the ‘What is your biggest weakness question?”

“I am less patient with myself than I am with other people.  I am hard on myself and expect a lot from myself.”

“Honesty. My weakness is forgiveness. I am very forgiving and people take that as a sign that they can walk all over me and that I wouldn’t do a thing about it. They are wrong though. I am forgiving. Not a pushover.”

“I can get stressed easily, and when I do, I have a hard time letting it go.”

“I usually respond that I communicate honestly and directly, and that could be a strength or a weakness depending on the management’s communication style.  In other words, I have a tendency to not sugar-coat, and this has been known to rub certain people the wrong way.”

“There are those who find ‘directness’ an asset and those who consider it disruptive…what has to be remembered is that each individual has to be themselves, which portrays honesty, this type of honor code with oneself actually outweighs any negative aspects in any work situation!”

“Messy Desk.”

“I answer with honesty. and my weaknesses change depending on where I am in life.”

“I have a hard time learning to delegate work as I have always been too self sufficient.. giving someone else the reigns isn’t always the easiest thing to do.”

“I would say I like to run things sometimes but I also definitely enjoy having a structure to which I am to follow, rather than always having to make big decisions on my own.”

“I can be bossy, but I am also a good leader.”

“I respond with that I like to think of weakness as future strengths, because when I realize I have a weakness it gives me the opportunity to develop new strengths and become a better employee.”