PLANNING & GOALS: Deciding on a Career Field

Deciding on a career field may seem daunting at first but if you follow a few steps you will be on the right path. Your goal is to match your choice with your abilities and skill sets. Give yourself a wide variety of options to start with and go from there. Use the following steps to aid you in choosing a career field.

*  Determine what you like to do

*  Identify the skills you use when you do what you enjoy

*  Think of fields broadly

*  Consider cross-field work

*  Learn as much as possible about the qualifications needed for the fields that interest you

*  Find people who work in the field and learn from them

*  Evaluate your choice of field based on your perceptions and the information you have gathered

*  Sign up for an educational or training program in the field of your choice

*  Keep positive

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