HEALTH & WELLNESS: Tips for Stress

Every person deserves to work, and people who have mental illness can make strong contributions to the community. Work is important to everyone’s mental health and well-being and can be an important part of recovery from mental illness. However, work can cause many stressors. Below you can find many useful tips from Mental Health Works, , a program of the Canadian Mental Health Association, that can help you cope.


• Be reasonable about your limitations and be aware of your triggers.
• Do not push yourself too hard because you are having a good day or week or month. You can accomplish more when you are mentally and physically healthy. If you push yourself too hard for too long, you could end up needing time off to recover.
• Take breaks at work.
• Learn and use stress management techniques.
• Maintain your medication routine.
• Keep a balanced lifestyle with good food, enough sleep, social activities, and exercise.
• As soon as symptoms appear, be proactive. You may need to phone your doctor.
• Consider disclosing your illness to your employer.

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