HEALTH & WELLNESS: Mental Health & The Work Place

This video focuses upon the current situation of mental health in the workplace. The first panelist interviewed is David Ballard. He reviews actions by companies to promote a healthy psychology in the workplace. Over time, since 1991, many companies have realized that a better psychological health environment in the workplace means better functioning and performance by the employees.

A psychologically healthy workplace puts a variety of programs in place to ensure the health and well being of its employees and it also promotes performance within the organization. Success of these programs depends upon how much the organization tailors the programs to the workforce. The video describes five categories of healthy program implementation:

1-    Involving employees in meaningful ways, giving them more autonomy and control on a day-to-day basis.

2-    Offering health and wellness programs that include mental health components.

3-    Growing and developing the workforce.

4-    Appreciating a good job by rewarding and reinforcing performance with peer and supervisor acknowledgement of a job well done.

5-    Fostering work-life balance by providing flexible work arrangements and resources to meet job and personal dem

A second panelist interviewed, Mark Attridge, works with groups promoting mental health with businesses in the workplace. His company has a lot of data in regards to mental health and the workplace. He cites statistics including that one in three persons will have mental health issues in their workplace, and one in 10 persons will seek treatment with their employer’s mental health care provider.

The third and last panelist interviewed is Eric Peterson, whose specialty is creating healthy workplaces that support diversity and inclusion. He cites statistics that employers with a more diverse and inclusive workplace environment make more money.

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