OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: Should I Disclose My Disability?

One of the most sensitive questions for those who have a disability when applying for jobs is: “Should I disclose my disability?” and whether or not to include your disability into your resume. The difficulties that come when dealing with a disability do not necessarily start once you’re employed, rather they begin with the job application. It is hard enough in the current job market to land a job without disclosing your disability. In this article, Monster Resume Expert Kim Issacs answers this sensitive question by posing a few questions of her own.

“The first thing job seekers need to ask themselves is, “Can I do the job?’” says Jonathan Kaufman, president of DisabilityWorks.com. “If the answer is yes and the disability doesn’t affect job performance, then don’t mention it.”

The downfalls listed to including your disability are as followed:

  • Getting less interview invitations.
  • A reason to eliminate you.
  • The law protects you from having to disclose.

You have to ask yourself: “Will disclosing my disability help me to get the job?” If so, include it, if not, don’t. For more information about how to handle employment gaps and more, click here.