PLANNING & GOALS: Keeping Busy When Unemployed

Being unemployed can be disheartening, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep busy and continue to better yourself as a future employee. Jacqueline Smith lists off several activities that can help you stay busy while looking for a job; some of which may land you a permanent position.

These activities include:

1) Signing up with a temp agency, or taking a contract position.

2) Taking a class to better your knowledge base and skill set.

3) Finding a volunteer position that is relevant to your career path.

4) Starting your own business.

5) Starting a professional blog.

6) Reading the news and looking out for articles related to hot jobs in the market.

7) Brainstorm ideas and make plans.

8) Make connections.

9) Follow up with job applications.

For more in depth explanations of these activities, click here.