OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: How to Cope with a Job You Hate

It happens: you work hard to find and land a job, but once you are there, you hate it. Sometimes we don’t have the option to leave an uncomfortable situation, so learning to cope with a job that you dislike is an important skill not only for your career success, but for your mental and physical health.

In her Forbes article, Kristi Hedges breaks down tips for how to cope with this situation. It’s important to narrow down exactly what you dislike:. Do you feel overworked? Are you stressed? Do you feel dispensable? Sometimes quitting is only a band-aid for a greater issue. Once you completely narrow down what is making you unhappy, you can start to try and correct or alleviate the issue.

How to cope:

1) Get creative.

2) Reconfigure your job.

3) Develop a professional side project.

4) Build your personal brand.

5) Focus on the rest of your life.

You can read the complete article here.